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Nursing and midwifery in Australia : Working conditions and salaries

Working conditions and salaries

The Australian Nursing Federation is the national union for nurses and midwives in Australia. The Australian Nursing Federation's core business is the industrial and professional representation of nurses and midwives through the activities of a national office and branches in every State and Territory.

Wages and conditions of employment for nurses in Australia are determined by various awards and agreements. Generally speaking, awards of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission or state industrial tribunals provide the legal minimum for wages and working conditions. In addition to this, nurses in the public health sector and in private hospitals are normally covered by an industrial agreement which provides additional wages and working conditions.

Minimum entitlements for employees are determined by industrial awards and enterprise agreements which detail the conditions of employment such as hours worked, pay rates and leave entitlements.

While there is some degree of consistency, wages and conditions can vary depending on the relevant state/territory and the specific area of nursing.

Nurses' Paycheck, which can be viewed by clicking here, contains an overview of broad wage ranges that a nurse or midwife may expect to earn in each of the states and territories. For more specific information about wages and conditions of employment visit the website of the Australian Nursing Federation branch in the state or territory where you work or wish to work.

Nurses' Paycheck is a quarterly publication by the Australian Nursing Federation designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of nurses wages throughout Australia using both federal and state industrial instruments. Nurses Paycheck is a user-friendly publication providing important labour market information in a timely manner.

Nurses' Paycheck contains:
Demographics on the employment of nurses | Industrial relations in Australia | Nursing public, private and aged care sector classification maps | Public sector nurses salary data | State public sector nurses awards/agreements | Public hospital and private residential aged care comparative wage information | Nursing classification and sector comparisons

Subscribers receive a publication in March, June, September and December providing a clear and comprehensive representation of updated wage information and other important aspects of nursing remuneration.
Further information may be accessed through ANF Branch websites.
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When working in Australia your employer is required to make tax payments from your wage calculated on a sliding scale as well as superannuation contributions, which is a compulsory contribution and may only be redeemable on retirement. For more information about tax and superannuation please visit the Australian Taxation Office website.

Information authorised by the Australian Nursing Federation December 2007

For information on wages and conditions applicable to all Australian states please visit the Australian Government - Workplace Authority  website. Alternatively state governments also provide nurses and midwives with additional information relating to awards, pay and working conditions.

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